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BET Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy

DON Bosco Counseling Centre is an eminent B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy) Clinic (Centre) in Trivandrum. Here, the B.E.T. Specialist uses Clinical (Psychological) Counselling and Psychotherapy for Mental Disorders, Sexual and Psychological problems. This treatment does not require medicine, behaviour therapy, traditional counselling, or advice. It is based on Dr. Berkman Koyical's B.E.T. System, having Intellectual Property Rights (I.P.R.), patent and registration. In this therapy, the professionals use the most modern Biofeedback types of equipment and Four-Sphere Brainwave Synchronizers.

This method entails decoding the influences (Not Memory) of negative experiences, imaginations and dreams that lead to the problems, using Brain Equilibrium Therapy, without the help of medicines, hypnotism, counselling or advice. Those instruments that do not come in contact with the body are used. Psychic illness is treated through this most modern and holistic treatment system of psychotherapy. The B.E.T. system is beginning with psychotherapy on the Negative and Positive events and emotions of the client for differentiating the psychological problems, symptoms, signs and illness. They are identified with B.E.T. methods of clinical tests. Some of the therapeutic techniques are Brain Wave Therapy, Problem diffusing Therapy, Encoding-Decoding Therapy and Retrieval Frequency therapy. The impacts of negative memory will be decreased after B.E.T. The positive after-effects of the B.E.T. could be noticed within a short period. This is perfectly a safe treatment which does not have any side effects; instead, when the high-intensity memory of the negative events and dreams are diffused and brought to a balance, then the person begins to attain greater concentration, better memory, a considerable reduction of stress and anxiety, greater confidence, less worrying and agitation etc.

At our Counseling Centre, we assure an effective treatment for the individuals suffering from varied psychic illnesses by using the most modern types of equipment. With the help of  (Psychological) Counselling and B.E.T. we ensure apt treatments for the following problems:

B.E.T. Counselling

DON Bosco Counseling Centre is an eminent B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy) Clinic (Centre) in Trivandrum. Here, the B.E.T. Specialist uses Clinical (Psychological) Counselling and Psychotherapy for Mental Disorders, Sexual and Psychological problems.

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Fear-Based Problems

Fear-based problems such as Hysteria, Phobia, Death Fear, Possession Syndrome, Witch Craft, Dead Body Fright, Somnambulism, Delusion, Hallucination, Stealing and Lying habits and Fright after a suicide death.

Image by Alessandro Bellone

Anger-Based Problems

Anger based problems such as Suicide Compulsion, Head-ache, Migraine, Fits, Stress
Conflict, Speechlessness, Quick-Temper, uncontrollable Anger, Hatred and Arrogance
toward everybody, Lack of Concentration, Paranoia, Psoriasis, Eczema, Tumour and

Image by Milada Vigerova

Loss-Based Problems

Loss based problems such as Depression, Insomnia, Amnesia, Traumatic Crying,
Suicide Mania and Depression due to love failure, Loneliness, Poor Memory, Hyper
Activity, Kleptomania, Fatigue, Over Eating, Flirtatious Habits, Compulsive Demand,
Compulsive Alcoholism, Chain Smoking, Drug Addiction and Nail Biting.

Image by Jannes Jacobs

Guild-Based Problems

Guilt based problems such as Afraid to face people, Inferiority Complex, Stage- Fright, Trembling hands while writing in front of others, Paranoid Reaction, Toilet Obsession, Stomach Ulcer, Stuttering, Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis, Unusual Piety, Uncontrollable Guilty Conscience, Severe Menstrual Pain, Sexual inadequacy of Impotency and frigidity and Bed-Wetting.

Key Features of this treatment are:

 * Testimonials of those cured in their handwriting with their signature

 * Having a face to face talk with those who are cured and undergoing treatment

* Opportunity to ask questions and clear doubts and get detailed knowledge of B.E.T
System of treatment

* Strict confidentiality concerning the treatment

* B.E.T. is an entirely independent and most modern system and it has no connection
with the traditional system or any other system

Counselling Center

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