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Incorporated in the year 2001, 'Don Bosco Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy Centre is a renowned Counseling Centre offering excellent Clinical (Psychological) Counselling and B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy). The entity has served thousands of people from all walks of life for healing their varied psychological and emotional problems. The utmost mission of this Counseling and Psychotherapy Centre is to provide quality Psychological Treatments to help individuals, groups and families by improving their quality of life. This centre strives to reach out compassionately to serve persons in psychological distress.


Various institutions of Don Bosco & cover 132 countries with 14 Universities, 58 Professional and Arts & Science Colleges and thousands of Schools. It has several Youth Centres, Technical Schools, Hostels and Social Institutions. Keeping in mind the specialized mission of Salesians of Don Bosco to care for the integral development of youth, our Centre has aided thousands of youth, especially students, with scholastic problems, behavioural problems, phobias, inferiority feelings, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, mental trauma, addictive behaviours, and problems related to sexual abuse, family violence and a host of other problems. Moreover, it has helped and resolved the problems of hundreds of
men and women especially, the married couples.

Dr Thomas Varkey

Dr. Thomas Varkey SDB is having two Masters in Psychology, DMRT (Diploma in Memory Retrieval Therapy), two Honorary Doctorates and a regular Ph.D. in Healing Science, and also Ps.D. (Doctorate in Psychology). He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in B.E.T. Presently, he is the Director of B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy) Centre in Don Bosco Trivandrum and has been practising here since 2001.  He has 27 years of experience in individual and group therapy in India and abroad.  He is a member of the Salesian Psychological Association and a member of Catholic Psychological Conference of India. Also, he is on the staff of the Bosco Institute of Psychology and Spirituality that offers Integral Transformative Programmes for those from India and abroad. He is on the visiting faculty of Kristu Jyothi College (Bangalore), Visvadeep (Bangalore), Don Bosco Renewal Centre (Bangalore) etc. and he has presented seminar papers on mental health issues at various forums in different parts of India and abroad, and has authored articles for magazines and publications. Besides he has offered his specialized clinical (system of) counselling and psychotherapies in some countries of Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. He has treated thousands of people with diverse types of psychological and emotional problems. He holds rich experience in treating religious, priests, seminarians, laypersons, married couples, adolescents and children. His clientele the list includes people from all over Kerala, various states of India, from Gulf Countries, South –East Asia, parts of Africa, Europe and America. Moreover, he has intervened to bring healing to some of the traumatized war victims of Sri Lanka and some of the victims of terror & violence in North-East India. He is one of the pioneers in India who has used therapeutic interventions from Energy Psychology (the cutting edge healing system in the West) to work with thousands of individuals and several groups. Besides, he used non - invasive Alternative Medicines to heal the traumas of victims of war, natural calamities and tragedies. He has designed a comprehensive system of healing using Alternative Medicines and Energy Interventions to bring about psycho-emotional and psychosomatic healing and wellness.